Swiss Energy POTENTON: 30 Sustained-Release Capsules for Sexual Function Support

$29.99 per unit


1 capsule contains: – Tribulus terrestris extract 100 mg – L-arginine 100 mg – Zinc 5 mg – Selenium 50 mcg
Swiss Energy POTENTON: 30 Sustained-Release Capsules for Sexual Function Support $29.99 per unit

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Swiss Energy POTENTON: 30 Sustained-Release Capsules for Sexual Function Support

Discover Swiss Energy’s POTENTON: A Natural Sexual Stimulant to Support Sexual Function

Experience the remarkable effects of POTENTON, a carefully crafted supplement designed to enhance your sexual well-being:

·      Promotes hormonal balance and boosts libido

·      Improves sexual function by enhancing blood circulation to the genitals

·      Supports healthy spermatogenesis and maintains normal testosterone levels

POTENTON’s Key Ingredients:

Tribulus Extract

·      Elevates sexual desire and libido

·      Increases luteinizing hormone levels for enhanced testosterone production

·      Enhances physical endurance and stamina

Epimedium Extract

·      Contains Icarin, which increases nitric oxide levels and widens blood vessels, especially in the genital area

·      Amplifies sexual desire and libido

·      Improves physiological and psycho-emotional well-being

·      Stimulates testosterone synthesis in men


·      An amino acid that enhances microcirculation and blood flow throughout the body

·      Boosts sexual desire by improving blood flow to the genitals

·      Supports sperm division, maturation, and motility

Each capsule contains a potent blend of natural ingredients, including:

·      Tribulus terrestris extract: 100 mg

·      Epimedium koreanum extract: 175 mg

·      L-arginine: 100 mg

·      Zinc: 5 mg

·      Selenium: 50 mcg

Store POTENTON in cool, dry conditions away from light, with a temperature range of 15-25°C and relative humidity between 20-65%. You can find the lot number, manufacturing date, and expiry date on the bottom of the box.

Why Choose POTENTON?

·      Enhanced bioavailability

·      Improved safety profile

·      Reduced risk of side effects

·      Gentle on the digestive tract

Elevate your sexual health with POTENTON, your natural partner in enhancing your sexual vitality. Order now for a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

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