Swiss Energy PROSTATON FORTE: 30 Sustained-Release Capsules for a Healthy Prostate System

$32.50 per unit


1 capsule contains: – Pygeum africanum extract 50 mg – Stinging nettle extract 150 mg – Willow herb extract 140 mg – Selenium 25 μg – Zinc 5 mg
Swiss Energy PROSTATON FORTE: 30 Sustained-Release Capsules for a Healthy Prostate System $32.50 per unit

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Swiss Energy PROSTATON FORTE: 30 Sustained-Release Capsules for a Healthy Prostate System

 Welcome to Swiss Energy’s PROSTATON FORTE – your ultimate solution for maximum prostate protection. Our cutting-edge formula is carefully crafted to support the healthy functioning of your prostate, reduce nighttime urination, promote spermatogenesis and sexual health, and maintain optimal blood testosterone levels.

Key Benefits:

·      Supports normal prostate gland function

·      Reduces the frequency of nighttime urination

·      Enhances spermatogenesis and sexual well-being

·      Helps maintain healthy blood testosterone levels

Powered by Nature:

PROSTATON FORTE is enriched with Willow Herb, a natural powerhouse. Willow Herb is known to stimulate diuresis, improve urogenital tract health, and decrease the need for frequent nighttime urination. It also aids in inhibiting the enzyme 5-Reductase and the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), contributing to a healthier prostate.

Each Capsule Contains:

·      Pygeum Africanum Extract: 50 mg

·      Stinging Nettle Extract: 150 mg

·      Willow Herb Extract: 140 mg

·      Selenium: 25 μg

·      Zinc: 5 mg

Storage Made Simple

Keep your PROSTATON FORTE capsules in a cool, dry place, shielded from direct light, at a temperature between 15-25°C, with a relative humidity range of 20-65%. Find the lot number, manufacturing date, and expiry date printed on the bottom of the box for your convenience.

Experience the Swiss Energy Advantage:

  1. Improved bioavailability
  2. Enhanced safety profile
  3. Reduced risk of side effects
  4. Gentle on the digestive tract

Choose Swiss Energy’s PROSTATON FORTE for comprehensive prostate care and feel the difference. Your prostate health is our top priority.


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Swiss Energy PROSTATON FORTE Sustained-Release Capsules


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